Friday, April 6, 2012

Two additional Ads for Tester Up Today

Senator Tester has launched two new television advertisements focusing on his work for veterans. This is a key group for Senator Tester--a group for which he's worked hard over the past five years, and this is key example of his efforts to expand his reelection constituency after his tight win in 2006. Here are the ads:

This first ad features Carla Lott, a Native American advocate for veterans. I'm fairly certain I saw her at a Veteran's Roundtable this past summer. This is what we call a testimonial advertisement. The great strength of this ad is you are hearing from an actual person who has been helped by Senator Tester and his work.

The second ad is from a town hall meeting about veteran's issues. Again, this highlights the work Senator Tester has done for veterans, and provides a variety of endorsements from newspapers testifying to his work.

Veterans are key group for Senator Tester, so I'm not surprised that these issues would be highlighted in positive spots immediately following Senator Tester's "Combine" spot emphasizing his rural roots and work as an active farmer. Also note that these ads are much more substantive in terms of issues than his first spot. This is ad buy is about the same amount as the first buy, in the $60,000 range.

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