Friday, April 24, 2015

A New Adventure and a New Blog to Document it

In case you've been wondering where that Parker guy went, you may want to check out my new blog (with today's inaugural post):

Montana Yankees in King Arthur's Court

I've been working furiously over the past year to put together a new course offering for students at Montana State that involves us learning about British politics up close, up front, and in the thick of the action. This has required a lot of my attention and bandwidth, as I've had to read up on developments and changes from an academic and practical perspective, create course content, and figure out whether we can do laundry in our hotels! The learning curve on any new course is steep and the gradient is steeper when you include arranging a travel itinerary and reaching out to current and former parliamentarians to convince them to meet 17 university students to talk about representation. But, all of it, has been an intellectual labor of love. I'm thrilled to be leading the first ever Montana State University political science study abroad class this spring.

Follow the blog above if you wish to travel with us. I'll add more content about US and Montana politics as the semester here begins to wind down.

And, as the English say, "Cheerio"!