Friday, February 10, 2012

Congressman Rehberg Responds to Senator Tester

Well, I was right. Congressman Rehberg did offer his own pledge to Senator Tester. I just got off a conference call with the Rehberg campaign and sure enough, they have their own pledge they want the Tester campaign to sign. And, you know what? It is tougher and more rigorous than the pledge proposed by Senator Tester. By far.

"The Made in Montana Pledge" essentially allows only Montana money to be spent in the Senate race. Both campaigns will pledge to take money only from Montana residents. Neither campaign can accept PAC money nor money from registered lobbyists (whether registered in Montana or not). The campaigns will have to return any money from donors or special interest groups received to date. Neither campaign is allowed to coordinate with any party or third party group. And, no third party organization will be allowed to spend money on express or issue advocacy launced as a print, web, broadcast, or satellite ad. The penalities are similiar to what Senator Tester proposed: the campaign must donate the cost of the expenditure to the charity of their choice.

Congressman Rehberg has long noted his support for transparency in government. This pledge does Senator Tester one better and is quite bold. I will be interested to see the Senator's response.

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